Sunday, November 13, 2011


Guess what today is???!!! ( I'll give you two seconds to guess.....1......2).......Okay, do you give up?!?! Well today marks my thirty day anniversary of blogging!! Whoohoo, yes!!!!! I made it a complete thirty days.  I thought this was going to be a one week venture, but it lasted a LOT longer than I thought. To commemorate this day,  I decided to have a contest. The prize is a $25 gift certificate for Carol's Daughter.  This will be mailed to the lucky winner on Tuesday November 15th.

The first one to email me the answers to the following questions...WINS!! Email me @  ALL answers are found on my blog...good luck :)

1.) When did I first launch my blog? (easy question, I know!)
2.) Who is the couture designer that designed Halle Berry's gown for the 2002 Academy Awards?
3.)  Name one of the two water-based moisturizers I use primarily during the winter.
4.)  What is the name of the London-based shoe designer who created Finsk?
5.)  Who wrote the excerpt "Let It Go"?
6.)  Fill in the blank  ________+__________=Hair Growth! (two answers)
7.)  Who sung the duet "Til The End of Time" with Timothy Bloom?
8.)  Eric Roberson's video to the song "Still" was in honor of what disease that affects many women?

Check back later.  The winner will be announced on this post!

Thanks so much to all who have visited my blog and for all your positive feedback!

ADDENDUM: WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! A big CONGRATS to Chyami!  She is the winner of this contest for a Carol's Daughter gift card.  Thanks to all who entered.  Look out for more contests in the future!

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