Saturday, October 22, 2011

Contemporary Furniture for Your Feet: Its All About Finsk!!

6 1/2 inch heel with 4inch platform

7 1/2 inch heel with 2 1/2 inch platform

Lately, I have been attracted to shoes that have a more edgy and architectural appeal.  That's why I absolutely adore Finsk created by London based designer Julia Lundsten.  She seemingly created contemporary furniture for your feet! Im curious to know how comfortable they are.  ASOS sells the less dramatic styles and the styles seen above (which I might say are a little pricey) are sold on  So for now, I'll have to stick with my Jeffrey Campbells, but Im totally adoring these shoes from afar.

One of my many loves include interior design and furniture.  So of course, I couldn't help but notice the striking similarities between the shoes above and the beautiful designer chairs below.  Both exemplify well-crafted styles that are rarely seen in your local shopping malls.  Its obvious great thought and time was invested into a creation only meant to support the less glamourous parts of our bodies....our feet and bums!  Yet both styles are eye-catching, they don't appear to be very comfortable.  They seem to serve as a piece of artwork that should sit in a corner to never be touched by human flesh :)  To say the least, I love the originality and artistic detail... 
(The Janus Chairs by Ryder Architecture)
(La Roche Chairs by Milla Rezonova)

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