Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Times: Ledisi feat. Timothy Bloom Concert

"Sometimes we put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down" -Unknown

One of the best moments in life are created when great friends come together and just BE!  I am truly fortunate to have people in my life who allow me to be me without reason.  One thing that stands true is once you liberate yourself of all fears and let your light shine, you subconsciously allow others around you to do the same.

Yesterday, my friends, Shay and Nikki,  and I went to the "Pieces of Me" Concert with four time Grammy-nominated artist, Ledisi and Grammy awarding-winning songwriter/singer, Timothy Bloom performing.  The concert was EXTRAORDINARY to say the least...Ledisi is a true inspiration and I truly see the passion within her when she sings.  She was real! For a moment, I felt like one of her homegirls from around the way.  I loved it.

Timothy Bloom opened for Ledisi and he REALLY did his thing!  He has the hit single entitled "Til The End of Time"  featuring V. Bozeman (this girl is bad!)  Here is the clean version of the video.

I am soooo proud of Tim especially since I went to high school with him and we always knew his voice would take him far.  I remember him performing in talent shows and serenading us with his voice on the bus.   Seeing him perform last night was surreal.

However, what really made the night were the unforgettable moments that sprinkled throughout the evening.  Everything from catching up with one of my dearest friends while sipping Mai Tai, trying on leotards at American Apparel, spotting 30 bucks on the floor at Belk's (cha ching!), to sneaking backstage to check out our old high school buddy Tim! Sneaking backstage seems to be a hidden talent that Shay is well-versed in.  We're definitely NOT groupies, lol...its just exciting sneaking into places where bodyguards and laminate badges can't hinder you!  I truly believe life is what you make of it...You have a choice to either live your dreams or dream your life!


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