Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Hair Don't Care: A Braid Out Tutorial

Braid outs are my go to hairstyle when I want to keep it wild and funky.  It fits my personality and I totally love the untamed look.  Im not an hair expert by no means.  However over the last three years, I have found some things that work and don't work for my hair.  Here is how i do my braid outs.  I like to keep it pretty simple so let me know if you have any questions.

6 day old twist/braid out
  • small spray bottle with water
  • Shea butter based moisturizer such as Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine. If on a budget (like me) use Shea butter mixed with a little jojoba oil.  It works just as well!
  • Stain Scarf
  • Hair clamps (optional)
  1. Make sure your hair is washed and well conditioned.  It may not turn out nice on hair that hasn't been washed in over a week.  Also hair should be well detangled and smooth (no knots).
  2. Decide if you want a side part or middle part.  Then, section hair into 8-10 parts (use hair clamps if it helps).
  3. Start with one section and dampen with water using your spray bottle.  Hair should not be dripping wet, just damp.
  4. Then apply a dime-sized amount of a shea-butter based moisturizer.  If using shea butter, then blend about a dime-sized amount of shea butter and a drop of Jojoba oil with the palm of your hands.  (Shea butter really helps to give weight to your hair so that it can hang down)
  5. Smooth onto section of hair.
  6. Braid hair.  While  braiding if you find that you run out of hair from one of the three parts before completing braid, then just borrow some hair from the one of the other parts...(hope that makes sense :/ )
  7. Continue the same process with all sections and then tie hair up with scarf.
  8. In the morning, take a drop of grapeseed or jojoba oil onto palm of hands and unbraid hair.  The oil helps reduce frizz.  Make sure your hair is at least 95% dry or it will loose the pattern.  
  9. Take your hands and run it through scalp to ensure that parts aren't showing.  Try not to disturb the hair pattern itself.
  10. Keep in mind that braid outs become more untamed looking as the days  go along.  I usually rebraid my hair each night but use larger sections (about 4) in order to stretch it out more.   In the following pics, I was a bit lazy and didn't rebraid so it was a little dry, but I loved it all the same.  I definitely wouldn't go two nights without braiding (or twisting).
  11. Rock your braid out with a fly outfit and you're ready to go!! Enjoy.


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