Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natural Skin Care Remedies: Oil Cleansing Method

The oil cleansing method is a great way to naturally cleanse your skin.  It really has worked for me for the last year especially during the winter months.  I have very minimal breakouts and my face no longer feels tight and dry. The oil cleansing method (OCM) is a blend of oils that rids your pores of the sebum produced by your skin that traps dirt, makeup, and dead skin causing acne, whiteheads, and other skin impurities.  This exposes a more radiant and natural glow.  Since I have oily/combination skin, my oil mixture consists of 60% castor oil, 20% grapeseed oil, and 20% jojoba oil.  Castor oil works to clean out pores and has anti-inflammatory effects.  Grapeseed oil is a light moisturizer that has an astringent effect on the skin and jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer that mimics the skin's natural sebum.  I add about 5 drops of tea tree oil for antiseptic properties.  There are many variations of OCM depending on your skin type.  I use the OCM once or twice a day.


My Facial Oil Cleanser
Here is how I use OCM:
  • Pour about a quarter-size amount of oil to palm of hand and massage onto face for about a minute or two
  • Take a washcloth and run under steamy hot water.  Wring washcloth for excess water and apply hot cloth to face until it cools.  
  • Wipe excess dirt and makeup
  • Repeat second and third step one or two more times
  • Then rinse washcloth with cool water and apply to face to close pores.
  • Apply a facial moisturizer such as a drop or two of grape seed or jojoba oil.  Sometimes I use Cetaphil lotion.

Oil mixes with oil; therefore the OCM works by drawing out oil, dirt, and make-up from your pores.   Many commercial products have to chemically combine ingredients in order to work as a facial cleanser.  A lot of times this can be drying to the face causing our skin to produce more sebum which can lead to more breakouts.  Let me know if you have tried OCM and how it worked or didn't work for you!


  1. So funny that you post this....I just stumbled upon this OCM method over the weekend. I also read up about using honey to wash your face. Honey is said to be another natural cleaner that leaves your face moisturized and restores the natural pH level to your face. I've used honey twice and so far so good. But the oil really works great to get eye makeup off.

  2. I agree! OCM works great to remove makeup which at first was a big concern. I use brown sugar and raw honey to exfoliate. I definitely see a difference afterwards.

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